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May 02, 2009



delightful! I had an only boy. As much as I sometimes wanted to say *STOP*, most of the time I would watch and smile and enjoy the enthusiasm for a bit first. Being a good mom is about knowing how long to let it go on before you need to stop it to keep someoen from getting hurt! Wish I had some of these crazy pics of my boy.


Oh I'm sorry he was so sick yesterday...and here I am begging for pics. to meet my needs!LOL!I was looking at Todd and Pearl and laughing inside...thinking of my husband having high blood pressure over that. His best line of"I don't know what your mother lets you do when I'm not home but I say NO" LOL!I wish I had taken pictures of Tay Cade and Carly on Thursday when she stayed the night and they went on the roof of the garage and covered themselves in TAR! I was cleaning them with paint thinner so fast before dad got home!!LOL!!!! I need to remember to take that shot! I guess that is why I'm NOT you!!!!!


Hey if they are happy and having fun- why the hell not? :) Get better Todd, and holy moley Pearl is getting so BIG!

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